Sunday, May 10, 2009

Putting my Daughter to Work

Last night, my family went to see the new Star Trek movie. While waiting in line, my 9 year-old daughter asked me if she could use my iPhone to play "Daddy's game." Not having sold any copies of the game in about a week, I told her "Sure," but she would have to hold the phone out prominently so that someone might catch a glimpse of the game and be curious about it. Yes, I'm that desperate.

Sure enough, the people in line behind us were quietly watching my daughter play the game, and looked interested, so I told them about it. They bought and downloaded a copy on the spot! Good thing my daughter doesn't know about the concept of commission yet :) She did get a big hug from Dad!

This underscores the need for exposure when developing a game. I know that people will like the game, but how do I go about competing for attention from the > 10000 other games (over 2000 in the same category)? That's my next big hurdle. I've made a fun game with good quality. I have solid enhancements planned and already well under development. I just need a way for people to know about it.

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